What is a mountain guide ?

A Mountain Guide is someone with the qualification for leading people in the mountains, whether skiing, climbing or mountaineering. 

Mountain Guides come in many shapes and sizes – the one thing they have in common is their passion for the mountains. Wherever they live and work, they will have a mass of experience, from rock climbing, mountaineering and skiing all over the Alps, and experience of difficult climbs and remote mountains in other ranges around the world.

A Mountain Guide’s mountaineering background is consolidated with a rigorous training and assessment course lasting up to 4 years, with an apprenticeship period working alongside experienced Mountain Guides  before being finally certified to lead people in the mountains. Regular professional development training keeps Mountain Guides up to date with the latest techniques and standards.





Guiding for me is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. I live and breathe the outdoor adventure life when I am  with customers and in me free time. My passion for nature and adventure drives me to provide quality, fun and educational experiences for my customers.